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Free Shipping on Barefoot Books From Now to Christmas!!!

Posted by Talula on October 5, 2010

Welcome Back, Faithful Readers! I am going to reward you all for your patience. I have a wonderful deal for you on Barefoot Books from my online store! Either click through the ad below or click on the Barefoot Books link in the list over in the right column under “Childrens Books” to reach my Barefoot Books Marketplace!

Actually; there are TWO (2) great deals for you to take advantage of –


And if that wasn’t enough to entice you to plan ahead for holiday gift books for all the kiddos on your list; listen up. 

(2) Shop online from October 7th until midnight Monday October 11, 2010 (this weekend) , USE CODE WORD “AUTUMN” at checkout  = YOU GET 20% OFF THE TOTAL ORDER!!!!!!

Happy Barefootin’ ~ Talula.



One Response to “Free Shipping on Barefoot Books From Now to Christmas!!!”

  1. I still love your site! I sent you an email from my new email address and it did not go through. It is from gmail and it begins with morri. I hope you can still receive it. I am on Drayton Isle and it is dial up here..not user friendly..so I hope you get this. One way or another I will get in touch with you. Your note on gypsy-heart meant SO much to me..you have no idea!
    Heart hugs to you!
    ~gypsy-heart aka Morri

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