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Feeling stronger

Posted by Talula on August 31, 2010

Hey Fellow Bloggers!
Just wanted to check in with a little report on my progress. am feeling a bit stronger lately, and the doc says I can skip a month of coming in to see him (Hooray; that’s a great birthday present for me!)

However I do know that its enevitable (sp?) that when I go back it will be to discuss the next level of my treatment plan. Not looking forward to that – different meds, more side effects with possible complications. But all in all — I guess its good that I;m still breathin’ since it could have been a different story if I had not gone to the docs when I did last january.

Still a little bit hard to sit long on the boards, so I’ll try to post more later this week. Hope everyone remembers to read a great favorite book with your little one(s). “That is the REAL quality time to spend with your babies!” Cuddling, snuggling, and hearing our native spoken languages with passion and love…enjoy yours tonite…Talula.


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