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A running commentary on life as an online bookstore owner after 25 years in Early Childhood Education.

Talula’s Children’s Books

Barefoot "Children in the Community"

Barefoot "Children in the Community"

This page is dedicated to discussions on topics related to children’s books, early literacy, cultural diversity in children’s literature, and ways to help our children (and grandchildren) learn how to become good stewards of our beautiful earth and global peace! 

 If you have topics of interest you would like to add or links that you would like to see here; please email me with your information and I will check them out to see if they fit these parameters. I reserve the sole right to decide if the offered information will be included here; due to the family-friendly nature of this site. I ask all readers that if you find objectionable content that I have missed: please alert me immediately so that I might keep this blog clean enough for young children’s eyes!

My intent is for this blog to create a wondrous visual adventure for children, their families and educators to find & celebrate beautiful books for their rollicking adventures, quiet bedtime rituals and “teachable moments”.   Please check back often to read reviews, follow discussion threads or check out the links to great useable information for your family or school.

On that note; if you are interested in locating books mentioned here and published by Barefoot Books; you will find the link to my site in the list. If you would like to contact me, you can email me at the address in the signature line. 

For WAHMS interested in a work-at-home-business; check out our Barefoot Books “Live Barefoot…Imagine!” page (find it in the header of this blog.) You can sell Barefoot Books in a part-time or full-time capacity in your own community, or on your own website or blog. On the landing page; click on “Become A Barefoot Ambassador” and follow the directions for  downloading more information to register for no-cost affiliate style sign-up.

Thank you for your interest in Talula’s Wagon Children’s Books !



Treasure the children in your life along with your family, friends and a good book!”

Email: talulas.wagon@gmail.com     


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4 Responses to “Talula’s Children’s Books”

  1. Talula said

    Barefoot Book “Starred Review” Reviews from BOOKLIST (American Library Association’s magazine)

    “Listen, Listen” and “One City, Two Brothers” Check my post for this complete review!

  2. Talula said

    Thank you both so much for checking out my site, neha tandel and lizzy. Really enjoyed reading what you had to say about my first attempts and also checking out your blogs. My formats will probably be all over the map while I get a feel for the conversational tone of my blog. Since I have never done this before, I am not sure how this will evolve. I will also try to keep up with your terrific posts on your own blogs; as soon as I can get a little faster at this. The launch of my new Grown-up online Bookstore is looming in a couple of weeks and I am not sure how often I’ll be able to post until that smooths out; but will always have SOMETHING to say about children and books.

  3. neha tandel said

    hi Talula!!
    i really liked your thoughts for children ,
    all the best …

  4. Talula said

    November 12-16, 2007 (NEXT WEEK) is Children’s Book Week. if you would like to check out ways to celebrate with your children; there are lots of activity ideas like puzzles, book lists, how to plan a party for book week and 25 ways to celebrate Children’s Book Week.

    You will find The Children’s Book Council website at: http://www.cbcbooks.org/cbc/celebrate Have fun reading with your child; Talula.

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