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Talula’s “Bookwise” Crash!

Posted by Talula on January 12, 2008

To those folks who have read a little about my blog; and have noticed something amiss on the Bookwise pages and posts: I have to finally speak out about what happened with that part of my site.

I joined Bookwise about 6 months ago and had really felt that I had found a wonderful addition to my children’s bookstore site. However; the beautiful picture that was painted on their virtual canvas turned out to be less than ideal match; at least for me. I have chosen to withdraw my association with BookWise; fully understanding that I may miss a golden opportunity to be in on a revolution in the bookseller and publishing industry. My reasons for many; but I think it really boiled down to 2. These are my own reasons and based on my my experiences with other organizations; both public & private in the business world. 

1) The public launch came before the product offering (The BookWise Bookstores) was ready to begin the fight for market share from Amazon & other big guns.  I firmly believe there should have been a longer development stage, before hitting the ground running against the giants.

2) I found the administrative & mgmt. details to functionally operate the bookstores was quite non-existent. While I did have some experience running an online bookstore with my original company for children’s books; the mktg materials sent to promote the business were unmanageable and security locked (rendering them useless), while the chats intended for training how to run the bookstore site functionality turned into online “getting to know you parties” instead of imparting useable info. Delays on the company blog were many when answering questions sent in by email.

That being said; I still think BookWise bookstores will eventually be a terrific offering to offset the major players on cost points, quantity of inventory and faster shipping. In a year or two, they may be gaining on the big guys and I hope everyone who manages to stay with the company through that time will be totally satisfied in the choice they have made to stick with BookWise. I simply couldn’t afford to financially wait out the lull in income while they prep & and ramp up for that tremendous fight for market share.

Well; that is all I have to say on this issue, at least publicly and I guess when it all comes out in the wash; nobody really cares. I just thought that since this blog is mainly about my journey on this online bookstore venture; John Q. Public should know that not every opportunity is right for you. Trying is what is important and the journey will always have its unforseen events. That does not mean you should give up on your plans, goals or dreams.


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Marketing in new ways?

Posted by Talula on January 3, 2008

I know I haven’t posted much but advertisements here lately, hope to remedy that soon. What can I say–life happens sometimes and it is not always good material for others consumption.

Now to the subject for the day – Marketing in new ways. I have been looking for new ways to promote my sales of children’s books (and my other grown-ups books). I have seen a lot of connections of visitors to this blog that have gone over to my children’s website; however I have seen very little sales of these wonderful books. (I am not just bragging on the product – Barefoot Books has won many, many awards for these books and other book-related products). 

I am considering other options to get more (print) exposure. Perhaps a new website, similar to this blog that combines both stores products? Microsoft has offered me a free site this week — but it does not look like it will be very functional for product purchases without a lot of costly add-ons. Without much recent sales; I cant afford to buy a great site yet which has all the capabilities I need for the merchant accounts, etc. My current site for the children’s books is up for renewal and for the life of me- I cant see what good it is doing if there are no sales from visitors to the site. It looks great but just does not generate sales. Could someone out there take a look and tell me what is wrong and what I could create to turn browsers into sales — maybe it is simply the low exposure to search engine rankings (although our corporate group assures us that they send the info out for that) . Could the Microsoft free site help in that regard? I would think that they (a Microsoft site) would at least get  exposure from the big search engines, right? Or if someone has a better idea; would you please leave a comment to steer me in  a better direction – since i am so new to this online media format? It would be greatly appreciated, if someone would take pity on me and send me some info. In the meantime- I will be searching the net!  

 also looking for great avatar sites –haven’t been happy with what I have found out there and now really need to find one that “fits” since it will travel through-out the web-world thanks to our very own “Gravatars”. Please advise in comments!

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Grown-Up’s Bookstore Is A Week Old!

Posted by Talula on December 8, 2007

 Hello Again! I am finally back to discuss the ins and outs of the new bookstore so far. I love the graphics of the template, its got a feel of an old world type corner bookstore circa early 1900’s. The inventory is being stocked rapidly and should be complete in weeks around the end of January/first of February. About 93 % of the Books, Movies and Music catagories are in stock now, and games will be in place by February.  One thing I immediately felt was missing were the item descriptions and 2 days ago, we were assured that descriptions would be available and in place sometime before the end of December. The next thing that bothered me was the blank landing page when you clicked on department headers; but that was explained to be an issue of the customizable format (where we will eventually be able to present our choices for hot buys/ reviews/ or just our own faves).  It is still being formulated for customization.

Several of the initial glitches have already been repaired; like titles text cut-off, Preferred Customer registration issues, Bonus Classic log-in confusion, etc. However, there are still a few that corporate is trying to work out with the distributer and the software folks. All in all, it looks like the corporate offices are keeping in touch and responding to issues as rapidly as possible, which is a very good thing being that it is critical to have bookstores that are competitive to the big boys in every regard.  Why else would Bookwise get into this if they were not planning on “topping” the competition in the first place! But this is all new ground for them, in  a sense. Doing retail in a huge way; that is!

Ok; more on this subject later. I have to let someone else on the computer for a few minutes. AAAhhh, the joys of working from home!!!

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