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Talula’s BookWise Bookstore is NO LONGER “OPEN FOR BUSINESS!”

Posted by Talula on December 1, 2007

It is official — “Talula’s BookWise Bookstore” is —-“OPEN”  CLOSED-NO LONGER IN BUSINESS!

This venture did not work out for me; I felt it was not in my best interests to continue.

Thank you for your interest.

*You can find more info about “BOOKWISE” by searching on the web.



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MY Own Grown-up Bookstore Finally, Yea! Saturday is the big launch!

Posted by Talula on December 1, 2007

Not really sure how to explain the buzz I have today! Saturday is the big day for The Launch of my Grown-up’s BookWise Bookstore! I keep thinking I should have changed the name to something snazzier; but ultimately i keep going back to the same as my already registered Talula’s Wagon children’s bookstore. I finally decided to shorten it for the Grown-up’s bookstore; generally to leave a small way to tell the diference in paper communications. I will need to keep financial, tax and other records separated – I think to my self. This sounds logical, but i really wish I had known I would take this second step so quick after the first (of owning 2 bookstores) — I could have spent a little more time on the GRAND NAME  of my businesses.

They still fit me — this was my grandparents name for me all the years I was around them. No one calls me this childhood nickname anymore — so by using it — I can hear my grandparents calling for me once again. That has it’s own special kind of magic, I guess. Those memories are pretty special to me.

When I thought of creating the first business — I immediately went back to my childhood image of a time when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was already a big reader, sometimes hiding up in our chinaberry tree and leaning on the garage roof for hours to read without being bugged by the other kids in the family. This particular summer; I wanted some ice cream money and decided to load up all the books I did not want to keep, toys that were only slightly used and a few stuffed animals into my trusty red wagon. I walked about six blocks through our neighborhood and managed to knock on enough doors to sell everything in the wagon. Walking back home with my pockets jingling; I was certainly proud of my very first attempt at selling anything.   So much so; that later that same summer, I ordered a carton of an ointment creme that I never could sell even one. Needless to say; my childhood business dreams died out pretty quickly and I turned to other adventures.  In my adult life; I became an Early Childhood Educator and did that for 25 years officially, a few more unofficially, helping (consulting). As the time came to leave that career and move on – I thought more often about a children’s bookstore – one so luscious that no person could walk in and NOT become an instant customer. Then one day; the idea, plan, an opportunity and a ready-made source of inventory all came together at once: and voila! I was a business owner.

When it came to time to create a name for the first business (my children’s bookstore) –it absolutely had to be Talula’s Wagon -in honor of that first childhood venture – no brainer as they say!  Now to say I am starting a second business quite by stumbling upon the opportunity – a little more than a year after starting the first one — it seems like it is all going too fast to actually plan any of it.

So now we are back to the Grown-up’s bookstore. This has come about so quickly that my head is still spinning with the technical minituae of it all. Originally I was contacted to ask my help in an advertisement barter arrangement; which dovetailed nicely for my needs for the Barefoot children’s bookstore’s expansion into more web advertising.  Next the other party offered to give an even better deal; to let me have the national ad in all 50 states in exchange for leads to market our collaboration. That opportunity led to being in the right place at the right time for the huge expansion of the BookWise corporation on December 1, 2007 into the fasting growing online bookstore in the world! And I really owe it all to intuition and my measly attempts to live my life as open to the universe, aka “The Secret”.

Don’t ever let anybody say that one book can not possibly change your life; because the whole idea began with that book, as crazy as that sounds! Here I am about to open the virtual doors to my second online business. OMG! OMG! as the kids say online! What was I thinking?

Stay tuned to read as I deal with the details of this first few weeks of craziness of a new business–want to bet on how many glitches happen in the first month? 5 -10-50-500 – .

Ok–that’s it! I need to go take a few aspirin and get (no Try to get) some sleep! Saturday’s Launch is just a few hours away. IF IT LAUNCHES CORRECTLY – THAT IS! bRRRRR- i’M SHIVERING FROM ANTICIPATION! nite all. 

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