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A running commentary on life as an online bookstore owner after 25 years in Early Childhood Education.

About Talula

Barefoot Logo w/girl Ad   Hello & Welcome To Talula’s Barefoot Blog!

This is a venture in cutting edge communications from a non-techie. As it is obvious I am new to blogging; I will try to speed-up the learning curve so as not to embarass myself too much, considering I am (or was) a professional educator in my previous life! I have semi-retired from that career and have recently embarked on a new exciting journey as an online bookstore owner. 

If you love books that have lasting value as classics for adults, timeless stories retold again and again for children’s enjoyment & learning; or even bestsellers, audio books, music  & games that you would like to review, discuss or promote for early literacy programs, your family or even for your own book club – then you have arrived at a comfortable cottage-like place to visit often. Book mark this page, pull up a chair, slip on your reading glasses and prepare to discuss books in all their forms.

I have created two different pages for your viewing pleasure; one for children “Talula’s Children’s Books” and one for their grown-ups “Talula’s  Resources” .

Please take your time to enjoy the information: because you might find something exquisite for adult collectors in the Talula’s Wagon Barefoot Books  Marketplace right alongside your favorite Children’s Books!  Hint: Look for Classic Poems, Shakespeare’s Stories, Ballet Stories, Odysseus and other great anthologies!

>>>>>> GO THERE NOW! <<<<

You might find useful material, toys, or equipment for your family or for your classroom as you look over the reviews, links and companies listed on the Grown-Ups Resources Page. And there is more in the categories listed under my blogroll on the right column.

if you are someone who is looking for a work-at-home business you might want to check out our very low-cost start-up to sell children’s books in your community or on your own website/blog. Just go to the header of this blog and click on “Live Barefoot…Imagine!”  and watch our company video; then follow the links to more information. 

Why don’t you browse around here on Talula’s Barefoot Blog and find a place that you want to join in the conversation and jump into the midst of it all.  After all; aren’t you a book-a-holic, too? Join me here on the front porch swing at sunset and bring your own lemonade!


7 Responses to “About Talula”

  1. peaceful guide said

    Talula, thanks for visiting my blog and for the detailed assistance in finding resources. I will get straight to work, and I am sure that with your advice I will be able to help the parents and the little boy (and the others who need support). Thanks again!

    – peaceful guide

    • Talula said

      You are so very welcome! Again, Good Luck with this family; they really need your help – even though they don’t seem to know it yet. P.S. ask the Directress (or Principal as the case may be) to help approach this set of parents with a group meeting. It becomes a little more valid (and harder to ignore) if more than one rep of the school is involved. My approach & tips come from practical experience in 25 years of Early Childhood Education as a teacher and director with families from every culture and country of the world. I worked with the University of Houston for a while (now THAT’S A REAL NO-LANGUAGE-ALL BODY LANGUAGE situation if there ever was one). :() Have a great week!

  2. Hi Talula,
    Just visiting your site. Very nice–it’s always great to meet other children’s book writers out there. Keep up the good work.

    Rita Lorraine

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. gingerliu said

    Thanks for your comments. I admire your strength.

    I wish you a fabulous and full 2009.


    Ginger Liu

  5. belongum said

    Gudday Talula… thanks for dropping by mate – and for adding me to your blogroll! I feel quite special – especially as it seems you’ve got listing up there for those with a mind towards learning – don’t punish the everyone by sending ’em onto me lol!



  6. Talula said

    The family house is in an uproar of change today, what with the “Little Lizzy” finally on the mend after a really nasty virus since Monday! I have been trying to grab an hour every chance I can to manage my online businesses to no avail. so now that she has slept 2 hours this afternoon — I am trying to play catch -up! When that is done, I will spend tomorrow sorting and re-packing ALL my camping gear to gon a a 4day camping trip with my son, his wife and his 3 kids. That sounds easy , right? Wrong as can be! These 3 kids have NEVER been camping in a tent before and are rarely not busy with scheduled activities or plugged into I-pods, DVDs, or e-games! The plan is to teach them how to learn about & enjoy nature and camping; but I have the feeling that this is going to be a learning experience for my son & daughter-in-law instead. I figure it will take about 6 hours before we hear the first “there’s nothin to do here!” out of the 5 or the 7 year old. To top it off — the 7 yr.old girl is a very active Tomboy who is deathly afraid of “bugs” of any kind. The only saving grace for this trip looks like it will be a lot of fun for my 15 year old grandson & me; whom both love the outdoors and nature (camping included). We will do all the cooking; since we know how to camp cook! But we(as in he & I) made an agreement that somebody else WILL do the dishes; since we are cooking. And I just know that we will be doing a lot of laughing at the others; so here goes! Will let you all hear about the experience after we return next week! Oh! and Yes we will be taking reading material — I have to scare the pants off the littlest one with a monster story or two, don’t you know!

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