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Talula’s Resources 1/13/08

Posted by Talula on January 13, 2008

Have another couple of resources for Teachers and Families that were left off the page on 1/12/08.

1) Learning Resources  Content: Learning materials & games for families, plus Prek & Kinder classroom materials with “Correlations to state, provincial and Head Start standards…for hundreds of your favorite Learning Resources products!”

site: www*LearningResources*com   (Find Link At Bottom Of Page In Categories)

2) Putumayo Kids      Content: Absolutely wonderful world music for kids at home and in classrooms. You can find some in my Barefoot Books Houston store “Talula’s Wagon”, just click the Barefoot Books link found at the bottom of the page.  Or for large orders such as schools; contact Putumayo directly.  


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Grown-Up’s Bookstore Is A Week Old!

Posted by Talula on December 8, 2007

 Hello Again! I am finally back to discuss the ins and outs of the new bookstore so far. I love the graphics of the template, its got a feel of an old world type corner bookstore circa early 1900’s. The inventory is being stocked rapidly and should be complete in weeks around the end of January/first of February. About 93 % of the Books, Movies and Music catagories are in stock now, and games will be in place by February.  One thing I immediately felt was missing were the item descriptions and 2 days ago, we were assured that descriptions would be available and in place sometime before the end of December. The next thing that bothered me was the blank landing page when you clicked on department headers; but that was explained to be an issue of the customizable format (where we will eventually be able to present our choices for hot buys/ reviews/ or just our own faves).  It is still being formulated for customization.

Several of the initial glitches have already been repaired; like titles text cut-off, Preferred Customer registration issues, Bonus Classic log-in confusion, etc. However, there are still a few that corporate is trying to work out with the distributer and the software folks. All in all, it looks like the corporate offices are keeping in touch and responding to issues as rapidly as possible, which is a very good thing being that it is critical to have bookstores that are competitive to the big boys in every regard.  Why else would Bookwise get into this if they were not planning on “topping” the competition in the first place! But this is all new ground for them, in  a sense. Doing retail in a huge way; that is!

Ok; more on this subject later. I have to let someone else on the computer for a few minutes. AAAhhh, the joys of working from home!!!

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