Talula’s Barefoot Books Blog

A running commentary on life as an online bookstore owner after 25 years in Early Childhood Education.

Live Barefoot…Imagine!

Work-At-Home-Moms (WAHMS) who can build their very own library of beautiful fairytales and multicultural stories for their own family, introduce these gorgeous titles to their friends: plus, fundraise for their favorite schools & community causes at the same time! 

Barefoot Books calls their sales consultants “Ambassadors” and has created a very supportive group of folks all around the world to introduce this young (16 years old) publishing house’s breathtakingly beautiful books to children of all ages!

At Barefoot;  we “Celebrate Art & Story” so browse our beautifully illustrated product line of over 450 Barefoot Books, Mudpuppy Press puzzles, Folkmanis puppets, Putumayo Kids music CDs and even more gift items; read about our many amazing children’s lit awards and our caring community relationships.   

You can go to the Barefoot web page where you will find more information by clicking  “Become A Barefoot Ambassador”.  I will be glad to answer any questions you have or send you information prior to registering. (email me at talulas.wagon@gmail.com  )

Why don’t you look us over:

Talula’s Barefoot Books Marketplace 


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