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Whoo Hoo! Another Milestone! Thanks, Guys!

Posted by Talula on May 13, 2009




 Whoops! the blog editor bounced my Barefoot Books Reading Level/Accelerated Reader/Reading Recovery document up here! So sorry; but i was afraid I’d lose it if I tried to put it back!

>>>> ReadingLevelsUS <<<<<

Talula with her Wagon!

Talula with her Wagon!

Doin’ the happy dance here!

Thanks to all my friends and occasional readers, my numbers just rolled over to 6,500 hits!

I am so glad that people actually find great information for kids books here in my little blog; or just drop by to check out my ‘crazy’ days! 🙂

Many of you come by to find the “Accelerated Reader”  info (see below) or the>>>  Multi-cultural books for children <<< that I post about; but you need to keep watching cause there is a brand-spanking new Barefoot Books website  for July 2009! …coming soon!!!!  

US May Theme Banner  Click & go here to see May Specials!


See Barefoot Books On AR List Below!

See Barefoot Books On AR List Below!






 SEE TOP OF PAGE FOR CLICKABLE LIST! …(the post editor somehow bounced it to the top of the page, sorry.)


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For U.S.Teachers: Barefoot Books”Accelerated Reader” List Jan/2007

Posted by Talula on January 22, 2008


See Barefoot Books On AR List Below!

See Barefoot Books On AR List Below!






I have finally gotten around to the list – sorry, it was quarterly tax time last weekend; so was a little busier than anticipated.  Since there were a ton of hits on Monday — I felt sufficently  guilty enough to jump on this today (Tuesday). So with no further ado; here it is! 

Barefoot Books Titles and the AR (Accelerated Reader) level = books on the list are worth 0.5 points per quiz.

Thanks go to another Barefoot Stallholder (Jennifer A. of Tacoma, Washington) for this list. Jennifer also supplied a telephone number to Renaissance Learning customer service in Wisconsin (parent company of the AR).  Books on the list can be seen & purchased here on my Barefoot Books website; and your school librarian can order them through normal channels for use in your class, along with the quizzes.  Corresponding Activity Sheets for some of the books can be found on the Barefoot sight to expand the visual and kinesthetic learning modes. You can email me or leave a comment for any questions on these  activity sheets. I will go check to see the actual page and then place it here with an edit:    Barefoot ACTIVITY SHEETS <click here for the activity sheets PDFs.

Here are 2 examples:  A) Creepy Crawly Calypso       B) Fun With Thesaurus Rex

Renaissance Learning customer service number (1-800-338-4204) to answer any questions on the AR program. 


0.6 Cleo The Cat

0.7 Cleo and Caspar

0.7 Cleo on the Move

0.7 Where’s The Cat?

0.8 Cleo In The Snow

1.1 Catch That Goat

1.3 Bear’s Busy Family

1.4 I Dreamt I Was A Dinosaur

1.5 Bear In Sunshine

1.8 Bear At Home

1.8 Thesaurus Rex

1.9 We All Went On Safari

2.0 Secret Seahorse

2.0 Daddy Island

2.1 A Dragon On The Doorstep

2.1 I Took The Moon For A Walk

2.3 Bear About Town

2.3 Creepy Crawley Calypso

2.4 An Island In the Sun

2.5 My Granny Went To Market

2.7 What’s This? A Seed’s Story

2.8 Bear On A Bike

2.8 Shrinking Sam

2.8 The Animal Boogie

2.8 The Little Red Hen and The Ear of Wheat

2.8 We’re Sailing To Galapagos

2.9 Off We Go To Mexico

When I find more, I will try to add to the list; however your librarian may be the first one to have information on new books being added to the list. Our Barefoot Books Spring & Summer 2008 catalog (usually available in late March/early April ) will have many new titles to add to the list. Hope you have lots of fun & success using Barefoot Books in your classrooms!            Ta-Ta! From Talula!

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Teachers! Barefoot Is On Accelerated Reader List

Posted by Talula on January 19, 2008

Hello today to all teachers out there in young children’s classrooms around the U.S. !

Are you struggling to find good literary art that also fits the “NO Child Left Behind Act“?

Looking for curriculum ideas to tie-in with books on the Accelerated Reader List?

Why not try our Barefoot Books on topics like cultural diversity, global environment, folktales from other culures/countries, or discuss the alikes/differences of princess stories from around the world?

I will post a list this week-end on all the Barefoot Book titles on the Accelerated Readers List.

Here is the link for those who want to see for yourselves: http://www.renlearn.com/store/  and the toll-free number to the Accelerated Reader (Renaissance Learning) Company is 1-800-338-4204 to see if your school is a customer already.

Content quizzes are already available to use on your existing Accelerated Reader software or can be purchased through your schools librarian software individually.

You can also add activity sheets to expand the classroom exposure to visual & kinetic learning styles by using Barefoot Book’s FREE Downloadable Activity Sheets available on my Barefoot website.  

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