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World Water Day! and Earth Hour! Wake Up & Find Out How To Do Your Part!

Posted by Talula on March 19, 2009

2nd EDIT: I checked the stats today (3/29/09) and we had a massive turnout for Earth Hour! 

Cities involved worldwide = 3,929 and still counting! Information is still coming in on how many folks actually participated ( I believe it may now be around 2 billion people).

Now On To The Next Stage: Sending your opinion to your lawmakers to express how you want them to vote on the post-Kyoto directive in December 2009 in Copenhagen!

See “Supporters” & “Downloads” at   http://www.earthhour.org/home to find downloads to send to your lawmakers, civic organizations, other businesses, customers, friends and other like minded individuals. Send a letter/wear a T-shirt/put up a poster with any of the Earth Hour logos available at http://www.earthhour.org/downloads/  Your choice of the black background with the earth colored 60, the lightswitch, or several others. Bloggers can grab several different logos and embeds for their blog to show support and invite more participants.


      World Water Day 2009World Water Day 2009 Large


Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Ok folks! This is your wake up call if you haven’t been listening to Live Earth’s Message recently! Want to know how you can do a small part to participate in helping the earth and our global neighbors in the last few days of this month? Want to share ideas with your children on how to be environmentally friendly? Start right here!!!

March 22, 2009 is World Water Day!       >>>>>  Click Here  <<<<to see how you can help the U.N. bring public attention to their theme this year of  transboundary water = “Sharing Water – Sharing Opportunities”.

Want to join in with the World Wildlife Fund and the rest of the world (Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney Opera House in Australia, Acropolis & the Parthenon in Athen’s, The London Eye and many more historic landmarks from the Artic Circle to Oslo.  ) to turn off  all your non-essential lights for one hour on March 28th, 2009!

See how to sign up for Earth Hour by>>>>  clicking here  <<<<<<and find out the correct time to participate in your time zone. And join Desmond Tutu and other humanitarians; like 28 million Scouts around the world and folks in 1,858 cities/towns/municipalities that have already joined up! We have already surpassed the goal of 1,000 towns — add yours and let’s see if we can REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

C’mon Folks! It’s not hard to do something good to help the beautiful world we live on and our neighbors (both human & animal), so look over these information sites to share this amazing  work with these organizations.

Show your children that we can ALL HELP!


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Today Is ‘Focus The Nation’ Org – Kid’s Environmental Events

Posted by Talula on January 31, 2008

Looking for kids environmental events?

Today is the day that Focus The Nation Organization’s blog webcasts are being played in over 14oo schools and colleges around the country. Events are planned for January 31, 2008 (tomorrow/Saturday) at those schools & colleges to educate children, families and teachers about

“Global Warming Solutions for America”.

Events are being attended or supported by folks such as Barak Obama, Arnold Schwarznegger, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Inglis, Richard Cizik, Winona LaDuke, Edward Norton, Woody Harrelson. Want to find out who in the political headlines is

“The Green Canditate” — go to www.LiveEarth.org and check out who is on board.

You can find an event near you at    www.focusthenation.org

If you don’t think you have time to organize this event at your school; then discuss it and plan to hold a viewing of “The 2% Solution” in the next two weeks and register your public/private/non-profit/church school to download the films from Focus The Nation.

For extension curriculum materials go to www.ClimateChangeEducation.org to find materials suited for K-12, colleges, and universities. 

The sponsor is the same group backing last summer’s  ‘Live Earth’ round the world concerts. CDs and film shorts are available from the original 2007 concerts and the new ‘Focus the Nation’ educational events at www.liveearth.org , so check them out for material to use for kid’s enviromental awareness curriculum.

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