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Today Is ‘Focus The Nation’ Org – Kid’s Environmental Events

Posted by Talula on January 31, 2008

Looking for kids environmental events?

Today is the day that Focus The Nation Organization’s blog webcasts are being played in over 14oo schools and colleges around the country. Events are planned for January 31, 2008 (tomorrow/Saturday) at those schools & colleges to educate children, families and teachers about

“Global Warming Solutions for America”.

Events are being attended or supported by folks such as Barak Obama, Arnold Schwarznegger, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Inglis, Richard Cizik, Winona LaDuke, Edward Norton, Woody Harrelson. Want to find out who in the political headlines is

“The Green Canditate” — go to www.LiveEarth.org and check out who is on board.

You can find an event near you at    www.focusthenation.org

If you don’t think you have time to organize this event at your school; then discuss it and plan to hold a viewing of “The 2% Solution” in the next two weeks and register your public/private/non-profit/church school to download the films from Focus The Nation.

For extension curriculum materials go to www.ClimateChangeEducation.org to find materials suited for K-12, colleges, and universities. 

The sponsor is the same group backing last summer’s  ‘Live Earth’ round the world concerts. CDs and film shorts are available from the original 2007 concerts and the new ‘Focus the Nation’ educational events at www.liveearth.org , so check them out for material to use for kid’s enviromental awareness curriculum.


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