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Missing In Action!

Posted by Talula on June 10, 2010

Barefoot Books Kids

Just in case anyone missed my ugly mug since my last post several months ago; I have been out of commission on doctors orders. I was prescribed complete bed rest for several months, while the docs worked on my bones.

Seems that I had been walking around all of last fall with bones that were so fragile they were about to shatter at any moment. Of course; with all that bed rest  24/7, I lost all my muscle strength and now need to rebuild it. I have spent the last 3 weeks taking a few steps at a time, to build up the balance and muscles. It’s seems slow going to me; but hey – what do I know. I’m the idiot that didn’t know I was ill in the first place.

And as if that wasn’t enough to deal with, I also had a concussion that was bleeding on the outside of my skull! I had hit my head on the top of our truck bed cover while I was loading my equipment after my last book showing just before Thanksgiving. It hurt enough to make my eyes blur and water; but I never thought anymore about it after I got home.  I took a lot of aspirin during the next couple of months for the pain in my hips, which in my dumb behavior; resulted in masking the bone problem and also kept the concussion bleeding until mid-February.

Talk about a dumb move! But in my defense, I am a person who has been very healthy most of my life. And since there were no real symptoms but hip pain, I just thought I was simply getting old and slow.

OK, that’s enough crying in my beer! I hope to back on the boards regularly soon.

Have fun out there and remember to read to your children daily!

Love to all,



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