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Ahem! Yes, I have neglected my blog! So Here’s a little crumb…

Posted by Talula on September 3, 2009

I know! I know! I haven’t written very much lately. For my online buds – I just have to say I’m sorry that i’ve been a little distracted!  

I have been checking to see if anybody left notes, though. And I have been trying to keep up with my buddies’ regular postings, occasionally leving a note on your blogs. However; I’ve been in the midst of job hunting and redecorating  my writing office (still not quite finished) with minimum funds. (Lots of re-purposing and recycling!)

So Yes – I haven’t had much to say that could be considered encouraging, lately. Haven’t had much luck with my ‘fulltime’  job hunt, maybe i have been out of the field too long (5 years, but not so long really, IS IT?) I dunno what’s up with that avenue. But that is neither here nor there at the moment!

I do have some good news, though, I think?? We’ll have to see how it works out.

I have signed on to take a part-time job teaching beginning computer and Spanish classes to toddlers & Pre-K children. The classes are taught in childcare centers as an extra enrichment class.  I have just spent the first week shadowing the owner of the franchise and meeting all the admin & teachers and children that I will be working with (its a LOT of new folks).

Once I have the routine down; it will be mostly morning hours with one afternoon a week.  I am looking forward to getting over the ‘newness’ and settling down to routines with the children in the classes. I will have to polish up my Spanish conversational skills – I haven’t used them much in 30 years – in order to stay ahead of the children’s progress! But that can only be a good thing, right? I am hoping the practice will finally help me to think fast enough in Spanish to eventually be fluent! I also think it be help in future work with children and writing. That is certainly a plus!

The computer classes are very basic.  It teaches the names of the parts of computer literacy (hardware vs software, mouse, optical mouse vs ball mouse, desktop vs laptop)  keyboarding and how to use basic young children’s software, etc.

Hey! – since I am a very basic user this should be very easy to teach them. Some of the 4 yr olds may actually know more than me when it comes to projects like making pdfs, printing your books, and photoshopping. I will have to do some studying of my own prior to those classes in the schedule.  This information could help me in my writing work, too; I think.

So all in all; this job could be very rewarding! The extra plus is getting to work with children again; and in a capacity where I am not the sole responsible person for those children’s care, safety & emotional security. Yippee! The JOY without the GRUMP part!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m still looking for a way back into the field of my lifelong career; but at least this is a small step in the right direction.

AAAANNNNDDDD…..wait for it….”I will have time to write with a part-time schedule!” 

Well; I know its not much to report yet, but I hope to say more later! I will come back with regular reports on the children’s (and my own) progress! Bye for now!



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