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Have You Seen the Fall 09 Barefoot Books Line-Up Yet?

Posted by Talula on August 6, 2009


 Well ~ You don’t have to wish and wonder any longer!

Our Barefoot Books Fall 2009 Frontlist is out & ready for your look-see!

We have (listed in order below) new YA Fiction (chapter books style), new board books in the larger lap versions,  New versions of old favorites w/CD’s, bilingual board books in  Spanish/English and French/English, cooking cards for kids, a new counting book w/CD, new board books, new ‘Activity Books’ a new journal for baby shower gifts, a lovely new title from  Jackie Morris and a new collection of African folktales.

  1.  Lin Yi’s Lantern (a Moon Festival tale) & Winter Shadow (YA Fiction chapter books)
  2.  Swinging Through the Seasons, The Sounds Around Town, Kangaroos Have Joeys, African Animal ABC (lap books)
  3.  The BFB of Ballet Stories (narrated by Juliet Stevenson) & The Real Princess – a mathemagical tale (narration by )
  4.  Bear In a Square/Oso en un cuadrado/L’ours dans un carre
  5.  Bear in Sunshine/Oso baja el sol/L’ours au soleil
  6.  Kid’s Kitchen (recipe & nutrition card deck)
  7. Driving My Tractor w/CD (counting book)
  8. Hidden Hippo (board book)
  9. The Animal Boogie Fun Activities
  10. Baby’s First Journal (companion to Baby’s First Book)
  11. Starlight Sailor (a lovely new bedtime story by Jackie Morris)
  12. African Tales ~ A Barefoot Collection



>>>> Fall09_Frontlist_US_Ambassador_Final <<<<<

THEN SHOP ONLINE AT Barefoot Books! (in the blogroll @ right)


AUGUST 2009 SALE ITEMS INCLUDE: by title & format

  • African Animals ABC         (PB)
  • The BfB of Princesses        (HC)
  • Bear In a Square                    (BB)
  • Cleo’s Alphabet Book         (HC with poster)
  • Counting Cockatoos           (BB)
  • Dotty Spotty Doodles         (Activity book) 
  • The BfB of Knights                (HC)
  • Mama Panya’s Pancakes   (HC)
  • My Granny Went to Market (HC)
  • One City, Two Brothers    (HC)
  • One Moose, Twenty Mice (PB)
  • The BfB of Pirates                 (HC)
  • The Gigantic Turnip          (PB/CD)
  • Thesaurus Rex                        (PB)
  • Zig Zag Zebra                             (Activity book)
Barefoot Books Kids

Barefoot Books Kids


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