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We Are Almost at Launch of New Barefoot Books Site; Whoopee!

Posted by Talula on June 30, 2009


Unveiling the new Barefoot Books Ambassador websites! (Insert High-five here!)

After a LOT of hard work by many, many individuals within the Barefoot Books corporate & booksellers ranks; we have made it down to the wire. We are steadily editing and posting new info 24/7 on the new sites to prepare them for the anticipated launch date of July 1, 2009.

“Yes; you heard right! Tomorrow is the planned start date.”

OOPS! THERE HAS BEEN A BIT OF DELAY AS WE RE-DO LINKS! The logo above should be working today asap!

As of this minute — the launch is still on schedule. We are all prepping, tweaking, and polishing all the parts to give our wonderful customers a seamless and more productive web experience in our online Barefoot Books Ambassador sites.

Last year, our Founders decided to fold the old Stallholder sites into the main hosting server to simplify our systems;   and in the process – revamped the whole kit & kaboodle. The whole Barefoot Books site has been rebuilt to make it more user-friendly for both our customers and booksellers, the Stallholder system has been renamed – we are now Barefoot Books “Ambassadors” – and the whole visual and functional aspects of the Barefoot Books online presence has been reborn!

We have added many new functions for customers; like bigger & clearer photos of the books, reviews, wishlists, community event locations with Google maps,  samples of audio clips and immediate links to their very own personal shopper (the original Ambassador who introduced them to Barefoot Books). The navigation of the site is much faster and more intuitive! Community Events and Fundraising sections are easier to find and use! Plus, corporate added many new ways for the booksellers to keep up with their customers more efficiently; and now it is easier to follow your favorite Barefoot artists & illustrators! You can even send comments on the artist/illustrator’s  own pages by finding their profile listing through the search box.  These are just a few of the features added to the new and improved version of Barefoot Book’s online store! We are so happy to share our new look with all our old friends and customers, that we are about to burst with excitement & anticipation!  But; for these last few hours: I need to go back and keep polishing and tweaking.  So see you in a flash!

I will post a link as soon as we have the official launch button moment! Then you can surf the new place, bookmark my landing page, create a wishlist and browse new books to your little hearts content! Oh, and don’t forget to look for our latest July special buys!



Ta Ta, Talula

Talula Ready To Bring Barefoot Books To You!

Talula Ready To Bring Barefoot Books To You!


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