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Talula’s writing room – Not much here but drudgery, folks!

Posted by Talula on June 13, 2009

Olympic Paint Sample Room

Olympic Paint Sample Room

OK, OK! I know that I have been AWOL from “my” blog for a while. Although I have been reading other’s blogs and commenting in the few stolen moments I have had to write anything. I still don’t have much to report on my writing room. I have been making some attempts to work on it, although not making much headway. Here is a synopsis of my progress so far:

Have cleaned out some more piles of  ‘old life’ materials, in between taking care of my ‘grands’ and I have made 4 trips now to the paint store to get samples and attempt the “dragging” effect that will make my walls look like a waterfall design. And that does not include the 3 trips looking for the perfect color swatches. I have bought the aqua bay flat wall paint – although the secondary color to drag on top is not coming together well. I decided the turquoise mist might be too light – so i went and got a sample of a greenish turquoise to use as a top color- but that seems TOO soft looking – so I’m going back to the original choice. I used a section of wall behind the bedroom door to try the different effects, since when it is done – that area will be covered with a tall 5-drawer chest. I found that i don’t like the look of the type of brushes suggested for the dragging design – so I’m trying some tools of my own. Once I come up with a design & color combo I like – it shouldn’t take long to finish the walls.

I haven’t given up on the waterfall look on my walls just yet – I’m still trying to catch the paint store with a supply of the right base for the sample color I need. I guess todays trip was probably dumb to attempt – since it was the first Saturday of summer (after graduations ) here in our town. The week many folks take off work to get projects done around the house while our weather is mostly clear skies and warm, with nary a hurricane in sight.  Of course, many; if not most are still completing repair projects from last September’s hurricane IKE damage. The insurance companies really shafted most folks with that storm. The only folks who got any real payments for the damages were the ones who protested the insurance companies original payout offers, some by threat of  lawsuits. the insurance companies were only offering 10 cents on the dollar – across the board; no matter if you had complete replacement policies or not! Which we did and so we fought the original offer; with good and appropriate results. But of course – that means the money is slow in coming and then you have to do the projects when you can fit them into your schedule. Most of ours is done now; although some just finished – and it’s been 9 months since the storm, and June 1st began this year’s Hurricane season!!!

Anyway! Back to my original remarks – yeah! it was a dumb idea to go today for samples. But there was some good to come of it, and yesterday’s trip to the paint store. Yesterday I found a quart of beige to match my furniture so I grabbed it from the ‘return bin’ and will use it to repaint a bookcase that is now black (I was going to donate it to my daughter – but she didn’t want it. Then I was going to send it off to Goodwill store; but now I don’t have to — I can paint it to match and re-use it).  Trust me; I still have plenty of books to go on that bookcase when it is done. Today I found a tiny sample can of the deep purple (Blackberry Jam) that i wanted to use as an accent somewhere in tiny doses, like on a lamp or in my own original art (also in the return bin – although for the life of me – I can’t understand why someone would return the tiny little sample can of paint!) They must not have kids – Any leftover paint was always fair game for kids school projects or their budding  ideas for a fort, birdhouses, etc in the summertime to keep them busy. Hey! Somebody’s stupidity/er! thriftiness is my gain. I paid a dollar for the small can and $3 for the quart – a savings of over two-thirds off the original price of both! 

So now that I have made more work for myself with my ‘bargains’, (paint a bookcase & a couple of lamps & maybe picture frames) I just have to keep on working on the wall design until I come up with a great solution.   I am pretty creative when I have a goal to focus on, like this writing room. It seems to come naturally when it pertains to color — maybe I was a great artist in another lifetime! 🙂

Ok – that is about all I have on Talula’s Writing Room!

Unless of course ; you want to know about the actual act of writing!

Seems that the first actual samples of paint on the wall of the Aqua Bay color triggered lots of mind racing on my idea for a middle grade historical fiction book that I have had floating in my head for many years. Sooo- I have begun to do the research to tie the details of actual events together with the voice & action of the main charactor.  I think I’m on to something big here with the turquoise choice for my writing room! Put the color on the wall and BAM! I’m writing! And yes; I am already writing in the UN-finished Writing Room!

I have actually spent time as a child in the area where the events happened, plus relatives still living there who are descendants of the original players; although it occured about 130 years prior to my time spent there. I have the memories of the space to tie the two time frames together – so perhaps the whole thing will not be so hard to construct.  My plan is to create a simple time schedule of actual events, then write the full story in the main voice – and then go back to co-ordinate the two, adding more details to flesh out the story.  The secondary charactors have much written about them in our state history already, so it should be very easy to fit the main voice into that time period and place them in situations with those historical figures. Texas has had some very colorful ACTUAL people in our history (and still does today) and I believe that this will make it very easy to show how often many of them crossed paths regularly; to add to the texture of the story I want to tell.  And to add an extra benefit to my timing, the locals in the area of the setting; are trying to start a proper archeological dig to showcase their little known part in Texas’  War of Independence from Mexico ( the exact story I want to showcase).

So stay tuned – Talula’s Writing Room is being created as we speak!


2 Responses to “Talula’s writing room – Not much here but drudgery, folks!”

  1. I came by to see what was going on in your world. I had some laughs good laughs about your “bargains”, and I found your book idea interesting. Keep us posted.

    I have some people encouraging me to write a book about my crazy life..as I said on my “about” I’ve lived it and I get confused. ha, ha.

    Thank you for sharing you world!

    • Talula said

      wonderful news to see you back and refreshed, gypsy! Glad to have given you a little laugh! You must also find “bargains” that give you more work to do, or it wouldn’t have been so funny! or is it that inspiration strikes faster when we find the materials cheaper! Ha! Ha! Thanks for coming by to visit. Hope you really enjoy your new ‘old’ view of life’s pleasures! Talula

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