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Whoo Hoo! Another Milestone! Thanks, Guys!

Posted by Talula on May 13, 2009




 Whoops! the blog editor bounced my Barefoot Books Reading Level/Accelerated Reader/Reading Recovery document up here! So sorry; but i was afraid I’d lose it if I tried to put it back!

>>>> ReadingLevelsUS <<<<<

Talula with her Wagon!

Talula with her Wagon!

Doin’ the happy dance here!

Thanks to all my friends and occasional readers, my numbers just rolled over to 6,500 hits!

I am so glad that people actually find great information for kids books here in my little blog; or just drop by to check out my ‘crazy’ days! 🙂

Many of you come by to find the “Accelerated Reader”  info (see below) or the>>>  Multi-cultural books for children <<< that I post about; but you need to keep watching cause there is a brand-spanking new Barefoot Books website  for July 2009! …coming soon!!!!  

US May Theme Banner  Click & go here to see May Specials!


See Barefoot Books On AR List Below!

See Barefoot Books On AR List Below!






 SEE TOP OF PAGE FOR CLICKABLE LIST! …(the post editor somehow bounced it to the top of the page, sorry.)


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