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Celebrate Earth Day with Barefoot Books & Talula!

Posted by Talula on March 31, 2009

Eco Libris Promotional Banner

Earth Day is April 22, 2009!

Want some great environmental activities to do with your kids on Earth Day?

You Can Buy a Barefoot Book and Plant a Tree at the same time! 

It is time to celebrate “EARTH DAY” properly with Barefoot Books and Talula

We have a beautiful new anthology title (collection of stories)  called The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales …HC ($19.99 U.S)

which you can see here in our >>>  apr09_marketingflyer_us_sh.   <<<

Plus, we have some great SALE PRICES! on  other earth-friendly titles like

Yoga Planet Eco-Cards …Deck ($13.99),

Whole World Eco-Activity Book …PB ($3.99),

The Beeman …HC ($13.99),

What’s This? A Seed’s Story …PB ($6.99), 

Jack & the Beanstalk …PB w/CD ($7.99),

The Gigantic Turnip …PB w/CD ($7.99),

Home For a Tiger, Home For a Bear …HC ($13.99) and more!




Find These Titles & More at >>> Talula’s Wagon<<< ~ The Children’s Bookstore for Global Treasures! 


2 Responses to “Celebrate Earth Day with Barefoot Books & Talula!”

  1. Still a good positive energy found here. I am a Capricorn “earth sign” but I would love the earth even if that were not so! So I will honor Earth Day..but I try to honor it every day. It is a living breathing thing and we are all part of the circle.

    Thank you for BEing here. 🙂

    • Talula said

      Thanks for the visit and compliment, Gypsy-heart! I am a Virgo with many Libra tendencies (along with ‘sensitive’ ones), so; like you, I try to honor it everyday also. Particularly when it comes to showing children how to interact positively with Mother Earth, ergo my messages for parents inherent in my posts. Ta-Ta from Talula.

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