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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from a half-Irish American!

Posted by Talula on March 17, 2009

As everyone on this (American) soil knows, today – March 17th is what we celebrate as St. Patrick’s Day here in the U.S.  I know most in the U.K. and Ireland don’t celebrate this day- in fact they consider it that “Yank” holiday and laugh about it. I guess it is similar to the way most Native Americans ( my other half) feel about Columbus Day. Not exactly something to celebrate if you were on the losing side. But most of us don’t say a word, and just let folks do as they wish without enlightening them about our own subjective viewpoint.  But I digress.

What I planned to bring out was that we have some wonderful childrens books on sale this month that are based on Irish & Celtic folklore. Beautiful illustrations that celebrate the culture of the Emerald Isle and the titles that included CDs even share some of the music & stories that you might find at a Ceili!

Note: See the thumbnails on the landing page. These gorgeous titles will only be on sale until March 31, 2009 (Tales of Old Ireland, Tales of Wisdom & Wonder, Tales of Celtic Lands, The Barefoot Book of Faerytales, The Faerie’s Gift — most have the audio CD included — some beautifully narrated by Hugh Lupton or Olwyn Whelan!)

Visit here to get a taste of Irish homelands with classic stories of little old men, faeries, music, wonders and wisdom:

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