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Pssst! 2009 Toy Fair is “too much” fun for a serious Gear Guy!

Posted by Talula on February 22, 2009

Hey! Everybody out there who works with kids, owns a set of kids or just likes to play like a kid!

I just had to share this little story/post when I read it and laughed out loud over his video!

MSN’s “Gear Guy” wrote this and I’m happy that a ‘serious’ writer and professional such as Today Show’s Gear & Technology Editor Paul Hochman tried his best to remain the serious adult while wandering around the 2009 Toy Fair.

That lasted all of 2 minutes! By his own admission; the show for ‘everything kid’ did him in as fast as you can sing “NANNY NANNY BOO BOO! YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!”

The great thing about this post though; was to let us parents and teachers know that the prices on toys & games are going DOWN!!!
It seems that all the hot items were $50.00 or less in every booth! Yay us for next holiday season!

New items he lighlighted that look promising for all our little ones were:

Lego (new high-tech architechural plans for downloading and building with the $40 set)
Frisbee (there is a new LED light-up version for night play & lest you lose your partner in the dark – there’s a light-up wrist band)
Marshmallow Mazooka (yes; it’s a bazooka gun for large marshmallows)

Go see his post to watch his video — there’s lots more! OH! and in the name of good reporting, I have to admit that Paul also hosts a show called Gear Daddy and one called Consumer Electronic Show on MSN Tech & Gadgets. Way to go Paul – I bet your kids loved hearing about this research!


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