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Happy Winter Holidays For Whatever You Celebrate!

Posted by Talula on December 22, 2008

White Rose of Peace

White Rose of Peace

Edit: Not a week goes by that i don’t see someone coming to visit my site picture of this white rose (7 in the last two days); so I wanted to mention that it is a stock photo available at yahoo. It came with my installed computer software and I use it for several things. It is beautiful though, so I can understand why so many folks want to see (and I assume copy it). 

P.S. It DOES NOT have anything to do with the German youth group called “White Rose” that is a modern day anti-Nazi movement, it is just a coincidence that I chose it for its beauty & peace symbol.


Yesterday was Winter Solstice, and Hanukah, Christmas & Kwaanza are all on the calendar this week. El Id was just a few weeks ago. So today I thought would be a good day to send warm wishes for winter celebrations in cultures all over the globe! May the blessings of your culture be visited upon you this season!

I know there are various wars and conflicts going on in far-flung corners of this beautiful earth and I hope that there will soon be peace in all of them; and soldiers everywhere will soon have no ‘war-work’ to do. I wish with all my heart and spirit that Peace will break out in all the conflict-stressed places of our fragile Mother Earth.

I also hope that children everywhere will find love in their family relations, with a gentle touch to rock them to sleep at night. For I have seen too much in my life cycle of children who have too few (if any) gentle touches and soft hugs; not to mention the horrors of abuse. It breaks another piece of my heart every time i run across those children (with neglectful or abusive parents) in my lifetime of work with children and families. May there be peace in all children’s hearts this world-over soon!

My future is looking a little brighter this month, since I have chosen to go back into the Early Childhood Education field and accepted a job offer just this week that will send me back into other’s children’s lives. I have been out of this field for almost 5 years; so there will definitely be an adjustment period for me. I will be posting here a little now and then about my trials & tribulations as I re-learn the finer points. (Translation: I’m rusty & need to read up on all the regs in our state that were implemented last year, plus have a newly required Homeland Security check.) Gee – I hope you can’t be failed for bad credit. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from having myself and 3 semi-adult children in college at the same time!

Well here we are again at the end of this post, cause I’m about to sneeze from my allergy/cold whatever — jeez — I know that lady in the mall store REALLY does get a bonus for spraying Chanel No. 5 right in my face! No matter how hard I try to stay away from those stores — I always end up caving-in and going to help with at least one set of grandchildren — and those perfume ladies get me every season! AAACCHOOO! Sorry! Couldn’t hold it in!

Meddy Chris-mas and Hoppy New “Achoo!” Year! May everyone have a blessed year in 2009! And for Pete’s Sake — read a bedtime story to a child near you!


2 Responses to “Happy Winter Holidays For Whatever You Celebrate!”

  1. belongum said

    Read many stories to our children thank-you T… our kids love books – especially the oldest. And if there’s no book to be had – then it has to be a yarn, AND a song – generally of the days events and dictated by the topics listed by said child. The lucky little bugger lol! As you said – to many kids out there get none of these little spoilings in life, and it’s such a shame to miss out on such things.

    So – a new gig eh… early childhood – hmmmm… well – that’s bound to keep you very busy indeed. I toy with the idea of returning to the Education dept here in West Oz – but this time I think on becoming a teacher – and as much as I’d like too, I can’t afford the 4 years of training needed (well maybe two and a half to three lol), as well as the fact that I have no faith in how our ed system manages children with ‘behavioral problems’. Most kids I worked with at an early age (years one through to five) had little or big hiccups in life that were (for the most part) not life threatening or disturbing, and could be helped along in primary school towards a good result.

    Those (not so) few who had serious issues, could be supported and hellped along too – but sadly we have a punitive system, and it sees the ‘behavior’ as something to be reported on and punished, rather than appropriately investigated, monitored, and managed like a series of sad symptoms – leading you to the REAL issue behind whatever was going on for that kid. I have lost too many kids to this system – all because we foster a ‘too hard’ basket, as opposed to actually HELPING the young fella in the first place. It fair makes me want to cry sometimes… but all I can do is try and find a place in it all, and help my kids along.

    All the best T – you take care now… cheers 😉

    • Talula said

      Thanks for the shout, B. Love hearing about your life with your lucky little guys and reading (and yarnin’) is the way to do all sorts of educatin’ when they don’t know they are being taught! The Early Childhood gig is not anything new…I did it for 25 years- then dropped out for almost 5 years. It’s just so second nature to me it really isn’t much work at all, more teaching others now; how to ‘spoil the child and spare the rod’. As to the Education systems…it’s the same here in public education all over the U.S. and yes – so sad; however the Early Childhood bunch has been particularly assertive in the last 20 years as we try to re-educate the educators in day cares, preschools, public schools, and colleges to do ‘Best Practice’ at all times.

      You know; if you do think again about more ed for yourself; why don’t you do it online from home. that is how I did the last of the undergrad degree. At the online college, they made it so easy. And the cost of a 2 year program (I did it in 18 months) was the same as one semester at my local college. I tested out of several classes due to working with the material covered already in my job over the years. I basically taught myself everything they wanted for the degree. I may try to go back that way for the Master’s, too. Surely one of your institutions in OZ does online, since everything there is as far apart as everything is here in Texas. Look into it at least. Maybe that new degree will take less time than you think and make you more money to boot in the long run. And i also bet that you would be one hell of a “Master Teacher” — giving a hand to those who fall in the cracks of life. As the ‘Obama train’ says; “Be The Change!”
      Be well, hug the XO & spoil the little guys with an extra book tonite. Happy trails, Talula.

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