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New Family Resource @ free spirit Publishing!

Posted by Talula on October 2, 2008

Stress Relief For Families

Stress Relief For Families

Hey To All Who Work With Kids- I have a new family resource (also terrific for teachers) listed here!

Free Spirit Publishing – meeting kids’ social & emotional needs since 1983 – materials for parents, teachers, counselors, schools (in the area of special needs: gifted/LD/ADD, parenting resources, social skills & relationships, emotional learning & personal growth, bullying & conflict resolution, charactor education & community service learning, and school success.)

Hello to all those in need of help with supporting children’s emotional, charactor and/or spiritual needs. This is a quick note about a fabulous resource that i had forgotten about for a while. It has not been listed here on this blog yetbut

When I received a catalog from them the other day (after about 5 years since i was a customer???) I knew that it would be something needed by many parents and teachers. (Now listed under ‘Families’ & ‘Family Counselors’ in right column of landing page!)

Their publications range the gamut from bully-free zones to charactor education.  Books are available for toddlers (such as Hands Are Not for Hitting), school age (How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up & Kids Need To Be Safe)  and many to help with all kinds of teen issues (like Too Stressed To Think?; When a Friend Dies; How to Talk With Teens About Love, Realtionships, and S-E-X; and Bringing Up Parents – The Teenagers Handbook).

Browse & grab a book to help you cope with whatever your family needs are, here at www.freespirit.com and teachers will find many great sets of materials for classrooms like What Do You Stand For?;  Feelings In a Jar; Please Stand Up ; or Bully Free Zone posters, DVDs, and curriculum handouts.


One Response to “New Family Resource @ free spirit Publishing!”

  1. belongum said

    Gudday Talula… good seeing you about the blogosphere! Thanks for dropping by mate – hope all’s on the improve in your neck of the woods at least – and definitely for those who have copped a bit of the hard-times associated with such things as Hurricane’s – I feel for you all, and hope it gets better!

    Funny T – when I’m working with kids and I’m allowed to just be me – hampered by none of the new age, politically correct constraints put upon educators etc, I am in the zone. It fit’s so perfectly, and we have such a good time, there are times where I miss having that interaction with other peoples children. Having been lucky enough to have had so many rich and care-free experiences, and see things at their very worst for some people, and then looking upon all that then becomes better then that… well – it’s often the simplest things that work best with kids.

    Kids love an adult that gives themselves over to them entirely… if your going to play with your children – put aside those things that constrain you in you adult mind, and just play freely with your children! So much more would be right in this world if all we did was stop being an adult for 20 minutes of the day, and just be you – with your kids – for your kids! Does that make sense?

    I watch the XO (my long suffering t’other half) with our son’s, and she is completely there in play for them. She gives herself over to their play entirely… and it’s a magical thing to see. Sure – a parent is never far away from being a parent when needed – but we can enjoy it and have fun too. We love reading to our kids – and I hope to be able to keep it up for quite sometime. As it’s fun… and I miss it when I don’t have a turn in it.

    Oh well – I’ll cross my fingers for the world T – and I’ll drop by al ittle more often – just to say Gudday!

    lol 😉

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