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Children Helping Children of Hurricane Ike!

Posted by Talula on September 30, 2008

OPERATION C.R.A.Y.O.N [Children Rallying Assistance for Youth of Need] – WEBSTER & SEABROOK, TX – AUTHORIZED/SANCTIONED BY CCISD

I am a sucker for children helping other children on any given day, since i spent a career educating children. But this post hit too close to home to just read over, click and go on to other subjects.

These are kids in my own greater Houston/Galvestion area; reaching out to their friends and neighbors from Hurricane Ike damaged neighborhoods & schools, to give them what they will need to attend school in their own classrooms alongside them in Clear Creek Independent School District.  They asked for gently used school uniforms, shoes and school supplies, lunch boxes, backpacks.

They began OPERATION C.R.A.Y.O.N.  first in a garage in one home and then moved it to McWhirter Elementary in Webster, TX; the same location for enrolling displaced kids into CCISD. Thank you so much for posting this bosskitty at truthhugger.com and showing how our children can lead us into community service. You can reach someone by phone at the Office of Public Information at 281-284-0020.

If you might have something to share or want to volunteer to help them provide for children uprooted from homes and schools along the coast, follow the lead for information by clicking on bosskitty above and a list of still needed items is there; plus addresses for drop off of items in Webster & Seabrook [Seabrook lost 85-90% of its homes & businesses].

Thanks for any support you can give these amazing  pint-sized ‘Everyday Heroes’, Talula!


One Response to “Children Helping Children of Hurricane Ike!”

  1. bosskitty said

    Wow, thank you for the networking. This reinforces the power of the blogosphere to do some good. Its all about getting the message out. I lived in Seabrook and the Clear Lake area for almost 20 years while working at JSC. If I can do something to assist the children of those neighbors I left behind, show me what else I can do.
    Love your page. I collect old books, much to the dismay of people who must occasionally move my stuff. I will be snooping around more often. You are now blogrolled.

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