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Web 2.0 for Kids! Want safe and protected sites online for kids? Try kidthing*

Posted by Talula on March 8, 2008

The internet is a terrific learning tool for kids; but many families and teachers heve trouble finding places for kids to explore the tools while staying safe from predators online.

I recommend a new social platform for kids online that is still in Beta development; but was created with kids and families safe learning experiences foremost in their plans. I saw it on one of my favorite kids literacy blogs: Literacy Is Priceless, a blog for Reading Teachers: see blogroll!

It is called kidthing* <click here to go to site.

What does kidthing* do?             Here is some points taken from their site.

         – it is not a web browser, it lives on your hard drive/so kids don’t surf the net.

         – it is a safe and secure place for kids to learn, read, play games, create/use  educational material

         – it gives parents choices, and is contolled by the grown-ups account

         – the kidthing* store offers a wide variety of learning  materials

         – kidthings* lets you make your own learning play mix

         – it allows for personalization (as in a book with a child’s name as one of the charactors)

         – it fosters sharing (as in Grandma can record herself reading to the child, then the child can download & listen/ or creating a song or story – then sending it to friends or family members)  

Try it out and give them feedback while its still in Beta development and have your say about its best (or not so good) parts, all for free!


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