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Talula’s First Avatar!

Posted by Talula on February 22, 2008

Talula - the Queen of Books & Comfy Feet (M&M avatar)           TALULA “QUEEN OF KID’S BOOKS & KOMFY FEET”

OK folks! Here is my first attempt at an avatar. I have been searching for something unique since I first began the blog in November ’07 and haven’t found anything that wasn’t used by thousands of other folks. Then yesterday I received an email advertisement from M&Ms and since I have them here on my blog — I thought ‘What the Heck– I will just try out their M&M charactor builder for an avatar and see what I come up with!”

Well! It is NOT something that thousands of other folks would use and it IS pretty unique. So I will use it for a while to see what others think. You don’t really get the true UNIQUE effect unless you see the whole thing so I decided to unveil her ‘total’ look here for all to see. Enjoy the humor and all comments are welcome — if I get too embarassed — I can always find another one (I think?). I didn’t actually plan to use her – I was just testing it but it came up as the ‘official’ avatar — so we’ll see what kind of reaction she gets!

Without further ado: Here’s TALULA – Queen of Kid’s Books & Komfy Feet!


One Response to “Talula’s First Avatar!”

  1. Allison said

    You look fabulous (if not a little blue)! I love the slippers.

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