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New Spring Titles @ Talula’s!

Posted by Talula on February 19, 2008

Here are just a few of the new Spring 2008 titles from Talula’s Barefoot Books Store! 

 Families will really enjoy these new offerings of familar rhymes for baby (Baby’s First Book retail $19.99) and pre-k ( Knick-Knack Paddy-Whack [retail $16.99] & Playtime Rhymes for Little People  [retail  at $ $16.99] ) to read & dance to, introduce beginning math with The Real Princess [retail $16.99], or even our new format of the Barefoot Book of Faeries with an audio CD [ retail at $15.99] narrated by Tanya-Robyn Blatt (The world’s only professional faery).

We also have a new title in  our popular Bear series by Stella Blackstone, Bear at Work [retail at $ 6.99] . Enjoy the sneak peek into its contents below!

As always; you can find these and more new titles in the ‘Children’s Books’ Barefoot Books link in the blogroll. 

I will post again with more new titles soon!


2179-02_06_08-large_cover.jpg follow Bear around town as he delivers mail to all his friends.



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