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Talula has a new look!

Posted by Talula on January 26, 2008



Was looking for a cleaner look to my site and decided to try this style for a new ‘do! Swing by and tell me what you think!

I want to up my quantity of posts in the start to a new year and felt a makeover was in order to inspire me! I am also considering some collaborations outside this blog to build traffic to my online children’s bookstore and new marketing/advertising situations.

In the spirit of interactive blogging – IF (?) I have any regular readers — I have a question that I would like to have some feedback on.

An issue/discussion has arisen about security banners on a website with e-commerce capablities. My questions is this – Is there anyone out in cyber-world who would or has made a purchase from a website recently which DID NOT have any kind of secure site banner? If so; why?

My query stems from a realization that a vendor’s site which I have been constantly reassured that it is/has a secure ordering system; but which  actally has no banners, buttons, etc. which announces the state of security or anything about when it is updated. It probably does have a secure ordering system still; but would you trust the site enough to purchase from it online, in light of today’s current identity theft mantra? This site has ben receiving tons of great hits all over the country; but has very few actual buyers of the product through their online system. This has been going on for about a year; while a migration to a new server & mgmt. company has been going on.  Could this have been caused by an oversite, maybe?

My sense is in the negative — but I want to be fair and ask John or Jane Q. Public for their input. Am I being unreasonable to expect ANY company I do business with online to at least show the proof in the banners (preferrably with daily dated entries), instead of behaving as if I should just turn over my money and confidential info; because they SAY they run secure systems and servers? Please jump on and leave your comments. As always I will moderate all comments before uploading them — due to the fact that i seem to have a blog name which draws some readers with quite colorful tastes in adult viewing — I smile to think of their shock to find this a tame, quiet little blog about childrens books and small business.

 See Ya later; Talula.


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