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Teachers! Barefoot Is On Accelerated Reader List

Posted by Talula on January 19, 2008

Hello today to all teachers out there in young children’s classrooms around the U.S. !

Are you struggling to find good literary art that also fits the “NO Child Left Behind Act“?

Looking for curriculum ideas to tie-in with books on the Accelerated Reader List?

Why not try our Barefoot Books on topics like cultural diversity, global environment, folktales from other culures/countries, or discuss the alikes/differences of princess stories from around the world?

I will post a list this week-end on all the Barefoot Book titles on the Accelerated Readers List.

Here is the link for those who want to see for yourselves: http://www.renlearn.com/store/  and the toll-free number to the Accelerated Reader (Renaissance Learning) Company is 1-800-338-4204 to see if your school is a customer already.

Content quizzes are already available to use on your existing Accelerated Reader software or can be purchased through your schools librarian software individually.

You can also add activity sheets to expand the classroom exposure to visual & kinetic learning styles by using Barefoot Book’s FREE Downloadable Activity Sheets available on my Barefoot website.  


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