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Marketing in new ways?

Posted by Talula on January 3, 2008

I know I haven’t posted much but advertisements here lately, hope to remedy that soon. What can I say–life happens sometimes and it is not always good material for others consumption.

Now to the subject for the day – Marketing in new ways. I have been looking for new ways to promote my sales of children’s books (and my other grown-ups books). I have seen a lot of connections of visitors to this blog that have gone over to my children’s website; however I have seen very little sales of these wonderful books. (I am not just bragging on the product – Barefoot Books has won many, many awards for these books and other book-related products). 

I am considering other options to get more (print) exposure. Perhaps a new website, similar to this blog that combines both stores products? Microsoft has offered me a free site this week — but it does not look like it will be very functional for product purchases without a lot of costly add-ons. Without much recent sales; I cant afford to buy a great site yet which has all the capabilities I need for the merchant accounts, etc. My current site for the children’s books is up for renewal and for the life of me- I cant see what good it is doing if there are no sales from visitors to the site. It looks great but just does not generate sales. Could someone out there take a look and tell me what is wrong and what I could create to turn browsers into sales — maybe it is simply the low exposure to search engine rankings (although our corporate group assures us that they send the info out for that) . Could the Microsoft free site help in that regard? I would think that they (a Microsoft site) would at least get  exposure from the big search engines, right? Or if someone has a better idea; would you please leave a comment to steer me in  a better direction – since i am so new to this online media format? It would be greatly appreciated, if someone would take pity on me and send me some info. In the meantime- I will be searching the net!  

 also looking for great avatar sites –haven’t been happy with what I have found out there and now really need to find one that “fits” since it will travel through-out the web-world thanks to our very own “Gravatars”. Please advise in comments!


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