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Barefoot Kids Global Environment

Posted by Talula on December 15, 2007


Whole World Activities
Whole World Activities
El Mundo

El Mundo



Edit on October 3, 2008: Barefoot has added a companion book in the Fall 08 titles. It is Whole World Eco-Activities. Inside you will find eco-friendly puzzles, word-searches, games and tips to help your young child learn about helping the environment. Pair it with the book/CD and have a quick start to introduce environmental education to our youngest global citizens with fun music and easy activities! 


Hi folks; Just needed to add something quick for a few people who seem to be searching my blog for kid’s global environmental information. I just realized I never went back and posted an info post on kid’s global environmental issues. “Sorry!”

Here it is! I do have a great starter book for little kids titled “Whole World” by Barefoot Books in collaboration with the Live Earth ORG. It actually comes in 2 sizes but I like the smaller size , accompanying CD and smaller price of the “mini” edition ($9.99).

EDIT: This little book was picked by OPRAH for one of her “Favorites” in a recent “O” magazine article! and it now is published in a Spanish version for both the text and the accompanying CD (sung in Spanish) – Look for it in my Barefoot Books site listed as ” El Mundo!”

The little (approx. 6 inches x 7 inches) hardback book is based on the old time folk-gospel tune “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” and includes a CD that has Fred Penner (well known children’s artist) singing the song. The end-notes at the back of the book not only has the words to the song; but also includes many recycling & other environmental information tips for children and teachers. Part of this great little book’s profits are sent to the Live Earth organization to help with their environmental education work.  You can find this terrific little “green” starter book at my Barefoot Books webstore in the category links to the right.

Also there is a new set of CDs/DVDs of recent The Live Earth concerts available at the Live Earth website (also in the links below) and if you plan to order the DVD,  Time Warner will give you a coupon for  discount (10%) on the purchase price for the set just for planning a party to watch the DVDs and registering the date and time info with them.

If you plan to host a party event to watch the DVD with friends; you can register your event at http://www.joinliveearth.org/page/event/create  and if you have comments about your efforts for a “green” holiday,  find a new  organic tree farm in your area, or have other great tips to share; tell them about it at http://www.liveearth.org/?p=327 !

2008 will start off with a bang for the Live Earth Org. when they host Focus the Nation on January 31st.

They are organizing a National Teach-in on global warming at colleges, universities and high schools on global warming solutions through-out the U.S.A. during the month of January; culminating with nation-wide parties  hosted by schools, groups and individuals simultaneously on January 31, 2008 at 8:00pm. Register your event at http://focusthenation.org and find out more information on the Live Earth website site (in the links below).


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