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Ramayana “Indian Festival of Lights”

Posted by Talula on November 9, 2007

The Story of DivaaliToday’s post is about the Indian continent’s celebration of Ramayana, “Indian Festival of Lights”.  This is a wonderful child-friendly holiday for those in the many religions of India. It is very celebrated much like our current Christmas holiday in the U.S. with new clothes, wonderful holiday foods, visits with relatives for the holiday, and going to church (in this case temple). It also has the added pleasures of dancing and fireworks to celebrate the return of Rama to his hometown after many years; with the villagers placing clay pots with candles shining to light his way home on the moonless night.   

A beautiful children’s picture book titled The Story of Divaali written by Jahinder Verma & published by Barefoot Books (November Special Offer $9.99) illustrates this classic tale in a  wonderful way so American and Indian children can share the holiday together.  You can find this and other multi-cultural books at two links I have provided here. One is my website (Barefoot Books) and one is an amazing site for multi-cultural material for children that I have used as an Early Childhood Educator for many years.

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Happy Browsing! Talula


2 Responses to “Ramayana “Indian Festival of Lights””

  1. manjeet said

    All Hindus celebrate the defeat of Ravana and the return of Rama from exile by lighting lamps on this darkest night of the year!


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