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A running commentary on life as an online bookstore owner after 25 years in Early Childhood Education.


Posted by Talula on November 9, 2007

Welcome to Talula’s Weblog! This blog is dedicated to the early literacy education of children & families; to celebrate reading beautiful books with your children and to promote charitable literacy movements aound the globe. This blogging site is the outcome of my own venture of owning two very different online bookstores; one for children & one for grown-ups. There is a separate page for each bookstore; so that you can choose which version of books you would like to comment on in the threads on this site. While I am a life-long bookaholic; I am also a retired Early Childhood Educator, parent, grandmother and am still involved with all things child-friendly.  I started this site to share, discuss, review and promote literacy with other like-minded individuals who are looking for ways to introduce both new & classic books to the children and adults in their lives; while promoting literacy for others in need.     

Discussions are welcome here on all the pages; however, due to the intent to allow children to read postings here: I ask that all comments are self-edited to family-friendly conversation. If I find objectionable material; or if you, the reader, finds it on this site; please alert me so that I can remove it in the interest of children’s viewing. I fully intend to make this site a visually wondrous place for the adventures of little minds; even if only through their parents and teachers!

Thank you for following the taglines to celebrate books and read about literacy for children, their families and their educators!


2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. lvmg (Lizzy) said

    Congratulations on your site, Talula, and thanks for visiting mine. I wish you the best in such a worthwhile venture!

  2. […] https://talulas.wordpress.com/2007/11/09/6 November 9, 2007 on 1:42 am | In Uncategorized | […]

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